Friday, January 22, 2010

'Sherlock Holmes' Stills - Photo Gallery on Yahoo! Movies

'Sherlock Holmes' Stills - Photo Gallery on Yahoo! Movies

Loved this movie! It was fun, had fantastic sets and costumes, and was just what I wanted to see. Nothing too serious, like an old Errol Flynn movie. Robert Downey Jr. is awesome, he always gives a great performance. I thought the Hellfire Club, Crowley-ish magic storyline was fun too. Now there needs to be a Hellfire Club movie, he can star in that one also!

*RDJ bound to a bed?! ~swoon~

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Xenia said...

I haven't seen a movie in ages, but have heard good things about this one!

Thanks for stopping by and entering my fun DevaCurl giveaway... I just had to reply to your comment and say that in a parallel existence I would completely go work for them to promote their dryer and DevaFuser. I love that crazy-looking thing! :)